Who do we partner with....


We partner with local businesses because we understand how to help make their jobs easier while providing exceptional service to their clients. We give them the peace of mind by cleaning up the mess that is left behind. Our partners are automatically enrolled in our Loyalty Program as an incentive as well as receiving a discount on our services. Below are a list of the business professionals we provide discounts to:


Showing a property that has been cleaned by us is the perfect way to make your property stand out on the market. We professionally clean the carpets, so no more hiding the stains from potential buyers. Plus, we not only make them look clean but we make them smell clean too.

Property Managers

Before you rent an apartment out, make sure it has been properly cleaned. It will make the transition from tenant to tenant shorter and smoother. It can also help you secure the security deposit when they leave. When all the windows are cleaned it allows ample light to enter the rooms during showings, to create an inviting atmosphere.


Whether its construction dust, wiping out new cabinets & drawers, floor cleaning, or a scratch free window cleaning service we will help you meet your deadline for completing a project or property viewing.


Don't waste time trying to clean up after throwing a party or an event, leave the mess to us! We can even assist in the preparation of the event as well. Our party/event cleaning service includes:

  • washing up dishes

  • disposal of trash (food, bottles, boxes, cleaning ashtrays)

  • removing bad odors & cobwebs

  • dusting & sanitizing all surfaces

  • wiping & sanitizing all furniture and any cabinets

  • and a thorough cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom areas